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Dear family, friends and community members,


Bernard Brown/bbmoves seeks community support.

2023 was full of creative, adventurous and expansive action! We engaged with communities locally and abroad including Burkina Faso, Kalamazoo, St. Louis, Seattle, Northern California, and our home, the Los Angeles metro area.


2024 has amazing international and local opportunities that we are very excited about. We are thrilled to share our work with the world, yet need some support from you.


Support can manifest in multiple ways - donating, sharing the campaign, connecting us with potential supporters.

We appreciate you!


In gratitude and solidarity, 




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Fiscal Sponsor

The quality performances, films, community engagement and educational programming provided by Bernard Brown/bbmoves are made possible through the generous financial support from our community individuals, foundations and corporations. 


Any support is greatly appreciated.

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